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("Sing `n´Swing with Abba" Peer 16109)

Brighton (England), 6. April 1974. A new chapter in Pop music was written: ABBA! The single "Waterloo" kicks off the sensational rise of this swedish band, who till this day has sold around 180 Million records - which is just a little less than The Beatles managed to do. Benny Anderson, Bjoern Ulvaeus, Agnetha Faeltskog and Anni-Frid "Frida" Lyngstad conquer the world of music with their great sound. Over the next 7 years Bjoern and Benny (as well as in some titles their manager Stig Anderson) composed well over 13 top 5 hits of which six rised to number one in the english charts.

Following the seperation of ABBA in 1981, the members concentrated on new projects. Bjoern and Benny got active in composing musicals, and became successful with "Chess". Frida to this day still receives attention with her single "There's something going on". (In december 2003 Frida and a swiss singer named Dan Daniell, who is at the same time an entertainer and cook, released the benifit single "Lieber Gott")

Angnetha's career meanwhile is a little quieter, at least on the musical aspect. She worked together with extrodianry musicians, such as Peter Cetera in 1987, who is the leadsinger of the popular group "Chicago". Their encounter eventually produced the CD "I stand alone", which became 87's CD of the year in Sweden - even before the likes of Madonna. But due to weak promotion and marketing, the success was held within the boundaries of sweden and only received little international attention. 17 years later Agnetha has new plans, in October 2003 the news arise that she is planning to make a comeback. This will strike ABBA fans with joy as she was a great vocal part within ABBA, and therefore a great contributer to the cult that is ABBA.

In the release of "Sing 'n' Swing with ABBA" I have included 4 popular titles of the band which has been arranged for a mixed choire, these include:

"I have a dream"
"Dancing Queen"
"Thank you for the music"

Accord diagrams are included just as within all the titles in the series of "Sing 'n' Swing".