Pauli‘s Sleigh Ride

Greetings from Hamburg!

A few months have now passed by, and a lot of visitors to this site are most likely eagerly awaiting some updated regarding my new releases. Today, I would like to introduce eight new compositions and arrangements.

„Pauli‘s Sleigh Ride“ (Paulis Schlittenfahrt) for 4 Guitars (Bass and Percussions ad lib.) - is a humorous composition intended especially for Christmas concerts. My publisher, Felix Schell, describes the release as follows:

“All over the globe, people are talking about a reflective as well as cheerful Advent and Christmas time. Ralph Paulsen-Bahnsen’s compositions have the tendency to sound as much in good-spirits as well as occasionally reflective. Pauli’s Sleigh Ride, however, invites the listener to discover a new side to the composer - that of both a shrewd and humorous tune-smith. An adventurous, Christmas inspired sleigh ride starts to unravel, which can be described as humorous, grotesque and never boring – a perfect addition to any Christmas concert. Initially, the title for the piece was intended to be “Sleigh Ride” (Schlittenfahrt). However, after a few guitar-ensembles got to have a go at the piece, it became known by its byname of “Pauli’s Sleigh Ride”.
Schell Music (SM 11123)

“Gloria In Excelsis Deo” - 24 Christmas Songs for 2 Mandolins - contains mainly German but also a fair share of well-known international Christmas songs. Also, in case you are only after some individual titles, feel free to follow this link:
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Shop 2
Schell Music (SM 11124)
Demo Youtube 1
Demo Youtube 2

“Paloma-Suite” for 3 Mandolins (plus Guitar ad lib.) - The “Paloma -Suite” sets the world-famous melody “La Paloma” into the centre of attention and encases it in “El Rio”, a cheerful song from Peru, as well as “De Allacito”, a traditional Tango-piece from Argentina.
Schell Music (SM 11103)

„La Paloma“ for 4 Guitars (plus Bass ad lib.) - the song “La Paloma” was originally penned by the Spanish composer Sebastián de Yradier (1809 – 1865). This world-wide renowned melody tends to be accompanied by all sorts of differing song-texts, which (for instance in Germany) are more than often not related to seafaring at all. “La Paloma” itself translates to “the Pigeon” or “the Dove”. It is a nostalgic song with a multitude of meanings, in which both a yearning for love can be felt within the song as well as the craving for freedom and fairness.
Schell Music (SM 11101)

“Train to Bremen” for Plucking Orchestras – describes the journey with an old steam-locomotive from Hamburg to Bremen. The old locomotive blows steam and whistles as it has to cross many a hurdle.
Joachim-Trekel-Musikverlag (R 9498)

„Ronde 08/14“ for Plucking Orchestras – is based on an old composition by Tielman Susato (1510-1571). The piece starts of rather simply and remains true to the original, which makes it easy to play. Throughout the duration of the piece, the sound becomes more modernised and the level of difficulty increases.
Joachim-Trekel-Musikverlag (R 9507)

“Dances for the Lady” for 2 Mandolins and the Guitar (Bass ad lib.) - is a small suite in a renaissance-style, which includes the movements 1.) Harlequin, 2.) Mr. Dowland’s Midnight and 3.) Kemp’s Jig. The level of difficulty ranges from easy to semi-difficult.
Joachim-Trekel-Musikverlag (T 6655)

“Erdbeervariationen” (“Strawberry Variations”) for 3 Guitars based on Carl Loewe’s “Erdbeerliedchen” (“Strawberry Song”) – originated from a proposal by the local music school in Halle (Saale), Germany. What came about is a composition that is mainly styled in romanticism, however it does contain the odd modern accent.
Joachim-Trekel-Musikverlag (T 5189)

Finally, I’d like to bid you farewell with a video of a rendition of my composition “Classical Disaster”, which is performed by the north-German plucking orchestra (Norddeutsches Zupforchester) under the direction of Maren Trekel.

Stay healthy, and I hope to welcome you again soon!

King regards, Ralph Paulsen-Bahnsen

Pauli's Schlittenfahrt - Hörprobe
Gloria In Excelsis Deo - Hörprobe
Paloma Suite - Hörprobe
La Paloma - Hörprobe
Train to Bremen - Hörprobe
Train to Bremen - Notenblatt 1
Train to Bremen - Notenblatt 2
Ronde 08/14 - Hörprobe
Ronde 08/14 - Notenblatt
Dances for the Lady - Hörprobe
Dances for the Lady - Notenblatt
Erdbeervariationen - Hörprobe
Erdbeervariationen - Notenblatt